NetLogic Systems provides Telecom Services

  • Telecom Tower Deployment
    Netlogic provides services for installation of communication towers like Angular Towers, Lattice, Monopole & Roof Top Structures including Supply and installation of grounding and lightning protection systems.
  • Antenna & Microwave Systems
    Netlogic expertise in installation of antenna systems, antenna lines and RF equipments along with installation & implementation microwave transmission for different technologies like GSM, WiMAX ,PDH, Ethernet etc.
  • BTS and Rack
    Netlogic provides installation & commissioning of various kind of BTS for 2G,3G & LTE networks(Huawei, Alcatel, NSN etc).
  • Commissioning and Integration
    Netlogic provides Implementation, Commissioning and integration services for core network2G,3G & LTE along with Network acceptance, quality audit and Field services maintenance.